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3 tips for avoiding a tax audit

The tax season is upon us! March is the time when most individuals and families realize that April 15 is only a few short weeks away. While tax preparation software has seemingly become the normal way to get taxes done, many families still seek the services of a tax preparation specialist or accountant (or lawyer), or even attempt to do their forms themselves.

Why do I need a healthcare directive?

Many people don't realize the importance of health care directives until it's too late. They may find themselves having to make hard and fast health care decisions on behalf of their loved ones. And when they do make a decision, they may be riddled with guilt not knowing if it was what their loved one wanted.

When to hire a tax attorney

It may not be April yet, but tax season is just around the corner. Many people try not to think about taxes until the last minute before the filing deadline, but this year is unique. Because of the nationwide tax code overhaul passed by the Trump administration, taxpayers have been thinking about their taxes earlier than ever.

Are you reporting your side job?

Side jobs are a part of life these days. Some people use them to explore their interests and passions, while others use them primarily for the social aspect. And some use them purely for financial reasons, either to help make ends meet or for extra spending money.

Take these 3 end-of-the-year steps to save on taxes

Most people don’t associate the holiday season with taxes, but this year is a little bit different. This year marks the first major overhaul of the United States tax system since the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the ‘80s. The new tax code, passed by conservative lawmakers and signed into law by President Trump, will affect taxes for millions of Americans.

Do you need an estate before you do estate planning?

That’s actually a trick question, by the way. While you may not have the sprawling kind of estate with acres of lawn, dozens of grazing horses and multiple tennis courts, you do have an estate. Your estate is the things you own: your home and vehicles, retirement accounts, bank and investment accounts, jewelry and family heirlooms, to list a few possible assets you may own.