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Posts tagged "Estate Planning"

Assessing the role of an executor of a will

Being asked to serve as the executor of someone's will can be stressful. It's an important legal position that you should never take lightly. Why? You will be responsible for answering questions, handling the distribution of assets, the reading of the will and so much more. Let's assess the role of an executor of a will.

Addressing your estate plan: Facing reality

Estate planning is a topic that is sometimes considered morbid or threatening, but the reality is that it must be done. With good estate plans in place, you can protect your beneficiaries, heirs and loved ones. You protect your estate and everything you've worked for, even if you're no longer here to appreciate it.

Why you shouldn't put off having a will until you're elderly

If you ask almost anyone if it is important to have a will in place before you pass away, they'll say that it is. However, statistics show that as much as these people may know how important it is, many of them do not follow through. Roughly 50 percent of people in the United States do not have a will on file.