Los Gatos Estate Tax Lawyers

Often when individuals are completing a comprehensive estate plan, complex tax issues can arise that may affect the future of your assets. Or, after a loved one dies, tax matters can be an important part of the probate process. For any estate tax concerns, it is in your best interests to hire a knowledgeable lawyer.

At the Dermer Law Firm, based in Los Gatos, California, we provide legal assistance to individuals and families throughout the Bay Area who are concerned about current and future estate tax matters, including gift tax planning. Unlike other firms who often depend on outside CPA firms to advise them, our firm handles all estate tax matters in house, which leads to a lower overall cost for our clients. In addition to tax matters, our firm has the knowledge and skill to provide comprehensive representation for your estate planning or probate and trust administration needs.

San Jose Estate Tax Planning Attorneys

The rules of taxation in the estate planning , estate administration and gifting arenas can be very treacherous indeed. We have the resources to provide the effective strategies needed to overcome the burdensome Federal Estate and Gift Tax system.

Our firm has experience handling all the legal needs for clients with large estates, both in the planning process and after a loved one has passed. During the estate planning process, we can handle all tax matters concerning an estate, including gift tax, use of the unified credit, and planning which minimizes estate tax exposure. If a loved one has died, we handle all matters during the probate process or trust administration process, including estate tax returns, asset valuations and estate tax minimization strategies.

To talk to one of our Los Gatos estate tax attorneys about your estate tax concerns, call us at 408-395-5111 or fill out and submit the online form.