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Tips for resolving California business disputes

Business disputes are a common part of every industry, no matter the type of company or size. These disputes can occur with just about any person or entity, including other companies. You need to resolve the dispute as soon as possible in order to avoid serious legal trouble, even if you truly weren't at fault for the dispute. There are some simple tips for resolving business disputes in California.

One option for resolving business disputes is to go to mediation with the other party. The other party could be your co-worker, a co-owner, a shareholder, an employee, another company or a customer/client.

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party will help both sides come to a resolution. The mediator will not offer any solutions or input during the process. He or she will simply maintain order and guide both parties to talk to each other.

Your next option is to meet with an arbitrator and go through arbitration. This is very much like mediation, but the neutral third party will actually be involved with the discussions. The arbitrator will then make a decision for one of the parties involved based on the information presented.

Companies can also use litigation to resolve business disputes. This typically occurs when other resolution methods have failed. Litigation can be used to terminate a contract, settle the breach of a contract and handle many other issues that arise in business.

The method you choose to resolve a business dispute should be based on the issue at hand and your success with that method in previous disputes. Don't brush aside any of the methods in this post before truly examining if it can help with resolving your dispute.

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