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July 2018 Archives

How to defend against a tax audit

If you ever receive notification via mail from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that you are going to be audited, you will likely go through a litany of emotions. The first of those will understandable be panic. No one wants to have to prove themselves to the IRS, especially when they know they did nothing wrong. Here are some tips for defending against a tax audit.

Tips for resolving California business disputes

Business disputes are a common part of every industry, no matter the type of company or size. These disputes can occur with just about any person or entity, including other companies. You need to resolve the dispute as soon as possible in order to avoid serious legal trouble, even if you truly weren't at fault for the dispute. There are some simple tips for resolving business disputes in California.

Assessing the role of an executor of a will

Being asked to serve as the executor of someone's will can be stressful. It's an important legal position that you should never take lightly. Why? You will be responsible for answering questions, handling the distribution of assets, the reading of the will and so much more. Let's assess the role of an executor of a will.