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No Prince hologram for the Superbowl per the Prince family

You might have noticed that there was no hologram of Prince featured at the Superbowl this year. Many had hoped that Justin Timberlake would sing alongside a reproduction of Prince's likeness in memory of the great musician's contribution and life.

However, the Prince family decided to cancel any plans to use Prince's image in hologram form. Instead, it was displayed as a backdrop image while Timberlake performed his rendition of the Prince hit "Purple Rain."

Many fans were left wondering why would the Prince estate put its foot down on the use of a hologram likeness if it could generate financial income from its use? The reason is simple. Prince wouldn't have wanted a hologram of his likeness used in a performance.

Prince was, in fact, quoted as having said that holograms were "the most demonic thing imaginable." He also said in an interview, "Everything is as it is, and it should be. If I was meant to jam with Duke Ellington, we would have lived in the same age. That whole virtual reality thing... it really is demonic." There is further rumor that Prince was not a fan of Timberlake. Apparently, he referred to Timberlake in a derisive manner during a party after the Emmy's.

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Source:, "Prince's estate have banned the use of his hologram at Superbowl," Feb. 04, 2018

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