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December 2017 Archives

Take these 3 end-of-the-year steps to save on taxes

Most people don’t associate the holiday season with taxes, but this year is a little bit different. This year marks the first major overhaul of the United States tax system since the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the ‘80s. The new tax code, passed by conservative lawmakers and signed into law by President Trump, will affect taxes for millions of Americans.

Do you need an estate before you do estate planning?

That’s actually a trick question, by the way. While you may not have the sprawling kind of estate with acres of lawn, dozens of grazing horses and multiple tennis courts, you do have an estate. Your estate is the things you own: your home and vehicles, retirement accounts, bank and investment accounts, jewelry and family heirlooms, to list a few possible assets you may own.

Income taxes and legal help

Whether you have a business, a corporation or just own a lot of property and real estate, taxes can be "taxing." Yes, that is a play on words, but a truthful play on words. Keeping up with everything that is needed to ensure you are legal when it comes to paying or filing taxes can be stressful.

What happens when a business contract is breached?

Business contracts between two parties are meant to be binding. They are contractual agreements defining the obligations to be fulfilled by each party. Unfortunately, there are times when things happen that prevent a party from carrying out his or her portion of a contract.